Design of a Smart Biofloc Monitoring and Controlling System using IoT


  • Rumana Tasnim Department of Mechatronics Engineering, World University of Bangladesh (WUB), Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
  • Abu Salman Shaikat Department of Mechatronics Engineering, World University of Bangladesh (WUB), Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
  • Abdullah Al Amin Department of Mechatronics Engineering, World University of Bangladesh (WUB), Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
  • Molla Rashied Hussein Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Asia Pacific (UAP), Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
  • Md Mizanur Rahman Department of Mechatronics Engineering, World University of Bangladesh (WUB), Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh



Aquaculture, Monitoring, Controlling, Biofloc, Turbidity, Temperature


In this paper, an IoT based real-time monitoring and controlling system have been designed and developed for an eco-friendly aquaculture system namely a biofloc fish farm. Currently, technology has a vital role in improving aquaculture production which leads to attaining sustainable development. The microorganisms in the biofloc fish tank are utilized for detoxifying the toxic waste materials by recycling as well as transforming them into fish food e.g. protein cells. Hence, it not only manages good water quality in the biofloc system but also produces additional feed for the fish. Water quality monitoring of biofloc fish tanks is a significant aspect to guarantee a better environment for producing fish. This paper focuses on developing an IoT based device for biofloc fish tanks to monitor various water quality parameters as well as control water temperature and air pump. Using this device, users can monitor the water quality data received from sensors and control the actuators accordingly from any remote location through the graphical user interface (GUI).


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