Review Policy

Journal of Engineering Advancements (JEA) practices a double-blind peer review policy i.e. both the authors and the reviewers do not know each other’s identity.

The assigned editor will review the submitted manuscript to check its suitability in terms of scope, novelty, and scientific quality.  If the manuscript passes this editorial screening then the editor invites potential external reviewers (no recommendation is taken from the authors) who are experts in the respective field. The manuscripts are made anonymous before sending to the reviewers. At least two review reports are required for a decision. If the recommendations of two reviewers contradict then the editor may assign a third reviewer to finalize the decision on the manuscript. After completion of the peer review process, the editor recommends a decision on the manuscript which is reviewed by the Editor-In-Chief to make the final decision.

If the manuscript has any supplementary materials the editor may make them available to the reviewers if required upon request. However, the reviewers are made aware of the confidentiality of the materials.

The review reports are not published on the website but they are preserved in the database and may be made available in proper circumstances.