Online Submission Guidelines

Journal of Engineering Advancements (JEA) uses PKP workflow for managing the editorial process. Authors are required to submit their article through PKP workflow. These guidelines help potential authors in the online submission process.


1. Authors should visit JEA website to login (if they already have an account with us) or register (if author does not have an account with JEA).

JEA Website Link: Journal of Engineering Advancements

2. Login and Register links are highlighter in Figure 1.

Figure 1

3. Once logged in the author will enter the PKP submission system as shown in Figure 2. Click on new submission as indicated in the figure

Figure 2

4. Authors must check the boxes indicated in the Figure 3 and he/she may write the cover letter in here then click on "save and continue button" to continue

Figure 3

5. Authors need to select an article component from the drop down menu as shown in Figure 4. Article component "Manuscript MS-Word" is mandatory and others are optional.

Figure 4

6. When an article component if selected upload option will appear as shown in Figure 5. Authors need to click on "upload file" to upload the file. Once upload is complete click on "continue".

Figure 5

7. The review details tab will appear as shown in Figure 6. Authors can rename the file here by clicking on edit. If everything is good click on "complete".

Figure 6

8. The confirm tab will appear as shown in Figure 7. Authors can add another file by clicking on "Add Another File" or click on "complete".

Figure 7

9. More files can also be uploaded by clicking on "Upload File" as shown in Figure 8. Click on "Save and continue" to proceed.

Figure 8

10. Authors need to follow the instructions given in Figures 9.

Figure 9

11. If the paper has more than one author, Authors need to add them by clicking on "Add Contributor" as shown in Figures 10.

Figure 10

12. When clicked on the "Add Contributor" the Figure 11 will appear. Follow the instructions given in Figure 11, 12 and 13.

Figure 11

Figure 12

Figure 13

13. Once all the contributros are added and If you want to reorder the author sequence click on "Order" as shown in Figure 14. Follow other instructions given in Figure 14.

Figure 14

14. When clicked on "Order" Figure 15 will appear. You can reorder the author list according to your preferred sequence by dragging with mouse. Once satisfied Click on "Done".

Figure 15

15. Review all inputs and click "Save and continue" to proceed as shown in Figure 16.

Figure 16

16. You can review all your inputs by navigating the tabs shown in Figure 17. When satisfied click on "Finish Submission" to proceed.

Figure 17

17. When clicked on "Finish Submission" Figure 18 will appear. Click on "OK" to proceed.

Figure 18

18. Your submission is completed.

Figure 19

You can always contact us for technical support at [email protected]